ATTENTION! Now we have a LOTTERY. Participate and win! :-))

To make a long story short. You have to guess six numbers. The random number generator produces them. (Previously, we tried to take them from the third-party site in real time, but unfortunately, we failed. Because of technical reasons.) The winners — are those who have guessed first two or more numbers.
If no one guesses six numbers (let's say, five, four ...) — The prize fund not won is accumulated and forms a jackpot lottery.
If no one wins that jackpot for a month (does not guess 6 numbers), the participants vote: whether play off increasing jackpot another month (with the hope that someone will still guess 6 numbers:-)) or by casting lots and picked a winner among participants. And start all over again.
It was a brief story. And now the details.
(There are too many words, but do not worry, everything is simple. :-))

  1. It takes place on Wednesdays, from 07:00 to 07:50 GMT, in real time.
    (That is everyone will be at work on Greenwich Mean Time, and involve all around into the process. :-)) However, you can participate offline, picking numbers in advance and then just see the results.)
  2. All participants who have MAVRO may participate. Well, that is, those who have contributed at least 100 rubles. (it is our minimum amount) or received referral bonus.
  3. On Wednesday, at 08:00 GMT (in 10 minutes after the end of the previous drawing), participant have the opportunity to enter 6 numbers in his PO. (Pressing the button "LOTTERY".)
    In the future, he can change them at any time up to 06:55 GMT next Wednesday. (That is, the ability to enter / change the numbers is terminated 5 minutes before the drawing.)
  4. The winners are divided into 5 categories:
    1. those who have guessed only the first 2 numbers;
    2. only the first 3 numbers;
    3. only the first 4 numbers;
    4. only the first 5 numbers;
    5. those who have guessed all 6 numbers.The prize fund for each category — $ 1'000. It is divided among the winners. For example, there will be 100 people in the second category (who guessed the first 3 numbers) — so everyone will receive $ 1'000/100 = $ 10. However, the prize sum cannot be less than $ 1 (consolation prize :-))
  5. If there is no winner in any category (let's say, no one have guessed all 6 numbers), the prize fund in this category will be added to the prize fund of the 5th category on to the next drawing. In other words, if no one guesses either 5 or 6 numbers during the current drawing, the prize fund for the participants guessed all 6 numbers will be $ 3'000 in the next drawing. ($ 1'000 plus $ 2'000 plus from the previous drawing.)
  6. If no one can guess all the 6 numbers during the month, then there is a vote among the participants. Either we will increase the prize fund under the same conditions for six numbers one more month (and wait for someone else to guess them), or will pick a winner of an existing fund among the participants?
    Let's say no one guessed those 6 numbers during the whole month, and there is the fund of $ 5,000 accumulated. Vote: either we continue to accumulate the fund for another month (until someone picks 6 numbers) or cast lots, and one of participants will receive these $ 5,000. And then everything will start again from $ 1'000.
    Month is counted since the time when the prize fund (of the 5th category) becomes more than $ 1'000.
    Vote ends on Tuesday at 06:30 GMT. After that, depending on the results, at 07:00 GMT lots is casted and someone takes the whole prize fund, or it is declared that tomorrow on Wednesday the prize fund will continue to increase for another month.
  7. The prize is amounted as a 30% lottery contribution. The winner can either withdraw it immediately, or store it, or re-register in at any other contribution of his own free choice.
  8. How does it happen?
    Participant has the opportunity to enter the 6 numbers in advance before Wednesday 06:55 GMT (off-line), or participate in the lottery on-line. Enter a number — guessed it? Enter the next one. (If you did not guess — It is not allowed to enter anything more.) And at any moment he might to go off-line (for example, he is hurrying) entering the rest numbers. That is, if participant entered two numbers, guessed them, and then he has to go somewhere — he enters the rest numbers and goes out. Then, later, he looks at the result.
    He also may change the offline regime into online at any moment. That is, he entered all 6 numbers before the start of the drawing, backed on the 4th number and saw, he guessed the previous three numbers! Then he can participate on-line (if he wants). And change the numbers already entered (starting from the 4th).
    There is a window for 6 numbers and two buttons in the PO in LOTERY: CLEAR and RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR.
    You can enter numbers in the window.
    CLEAR — all the numbers disappear.
    RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR — generates a random number (it can be difficult to choose for some people :-)).
    A participant can change everything a hundred times before 06:59 GMT. And further during the lottery (if he participates on-line).
    At 06:59 the first figure of the entered number is recorded. You cannot change it any more. (If you entered only the first number — participating online — it is fixed.) The participant may still change the rest numbers, participating online.
    At 07:09 the first two numbers are recorded (if the person guessed the first one and continues to participate).
    At 07:19 the first three numbers are recorded (if the person guessed the first two)
    At 07:29 the first four numbers are recorded (if the person guessed the first three)
    At 07:39 the first five numbers are recorded (if the person guessed the first four)
    At 07:49 the all six numbers are recorded, and it is impossible to change anything (if participant guessed the first five)
    I want to recall that the person may enter the whole number at any moment and go somewhere, and then coming back continue to change them. (That is, he guessed the first two numbers, then walked away, during this time the third number was played. Did he guess it? So, he can further change the numbers again. Starting with the forth.)
    Also he can fill in the rest not entered numbers with a random number generator.
  9. How is a winner determined by casting lots? (If it is decided just to play off the prize fund with the vote.)
    One number is guessed every 10 minutes. (The number of applicants reduces by 10 times for each step, so there must be not many rounds.) If no one guesses in some round — the round is repeated. If two remained, and they guessed it — it is also repeated. In general, as long as there is only one left — the winner.
    When it remains fewer than 10 applicants, all participants have their list in PO. So they can support a particular candidate. :-))
    Any candidate may ask his fans to vote for himself (pick a number) and then take everything over again in hands at any moment and enter the numbers on his own.
    Well, that's all. Good Luck! :-))