ALERT: Fraudsters Send Out Phishing Emails


MMM Global Administration warns: some participants have received phishing emails sent by fraudster.  The subject of the emails is “Random System Get Help Bonus Matched”. Here are the examples: http://prntscr.com/8efvj1 and http://prntscr.com/8egjfd . Having clicked on the link “Approve Your Bonus”, the participant is redirected to a fake page whose design is similar to MMM PO login page.

Phishing is a kind of stealing user’s confidential data (logins and passwords). If you have followed the link and entered your email and password on the phishing page, the fraudsters might have gained the access to your account. Thus you had better change the password of your Personal Office in MMM.

You should understand: the more successfully and faster the MMM Community is developing, the more scammers want to take advantage of our achievements. MMM sites and servers are protected at a very high level. Scammers have no chance to crack them. But they have invented another scheme – to mislead participants. Be careful. Use a strong password to your PO and don’t share it with anybody. Before you log in PO, check the address which it is located at (it must be – mmmoffice.com). Follow these simple recommendations and you will get protected. Together we shall overcome!