Happy Birthday, Sergey Mavrodi!


Sergey Mavrodi is the person who changed lives of millions of people rebelled against the injustice in the world... He is the person who proved the whole world that people are able to live a decent and happy life... He is a real leader who is not afraid of anyone or anything, and
keeps moving towards his goal at all costs!

Today is a significant day: the founder of our MMM Community Sergey Mavrodi  has his birthday! The community leader is 60 years old! The participants of MMM from around the world have recorded their video congratulations with their best wishes to the Community founder. The Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Uganda – this is not a complete list of the countries whose members have sent their congratulations to our ideological leader.

People are congratulating Sergey Mavrodi on his 60th anniversary. They are wishing the founder of MMM good health, strong patience, faith in himself and in his strength, every success in all his doings, but most importantly – to achieve his goal of creating a new fair world where everyone can live happily. And we all are completely sure that he will do it!

Millions of people expressed their gratitude to Sergey Mavrodi. MMM has really changed the participants’ lives for the better, they have stopped being dependent on the government and banks, and have got the right to have a decent life. Huge thanks to Sergey Mavrodi just for being in our life. His work is invaluable!